TempRelPro identifies in a text the temporal relations holding between events and time expressions and classifies them following the TimeML specification. It identifies temporal relations of 13 different types (e.g. BEFORE, AFTER, INCLUDES, IS_INCLUDED, etc.); for example, in the sentence below we have a temporal relation of type IS_INCLUDED between the event "annunciato" (announced) and the time expression "ieri" (yesterday).

The module is based on a statistical classifier. TempRelPro is available for Italian and English with pre-trained models in the news domain.


Algorithm: EventPro uses Yamcha for feature extraction and SVM as a classification algorithm.

Resources: EVENTI (Italian) and TempEval 3 (English).

Evaluation benchmark: EVENTI at Evalita 2014 and QA-TempEval 2015 (English).


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