FactPro assigns a factuality value to each event mentioned in a text. Factuality is described through three attributes: polarity, certainty and event time. The annotation follows the framework used in Fact-Ita Bank. As an example, the event mentioned with "annunciato" has been classified with polarity=POS (the occurrence of the event has been affirmed), with certainty=CERTAIN (the source is certain about the event), and with event time=NON_FUTURE (the event has occurred in the past).

FactPro is based on a statistical classifier. It is available with pre-trained models in the news domain for Italian.


Algorithm: FactPro uses Yamcha for feature extraction and SVM as a classification algorithm.

Resources: Fact-Ita Bank (Italian).

Evaluation benchmark: FactA at EVALITA 2016.


Anne-Lyse Minard, Manuela Speranza, and Tommaso Caselli. The EVALITA 2016 Event Factuality Annotation Task (FactA). In Proceedings of the First Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2016 & the Fifth International Workshop EVALITA 2016, Naples (Italy), 7th December 2016.