SyntaxPro assigns syntactic relations between words in a text, based on so-called “syntactic dependencies”. As an example, the word “tagli” (cuts) has the syntactic relation SUBJ (subject) with the word “continueranno” (will continue), indicating that the first depends on the second.

SyntaxPro is based on MaltParser, a transition-based dependency parser that induces a parsing model from a treebank and parses new data using the induced model. It has been trained on available treebanks for Italian.


Algorithm: Transition-based dependency parser (MaltParser).

Resources: TUT treebank (Italian).

Evaluation benchmark: Parsing at EVALITA 2009 and at EVALITA 2011.


Alberto Lavelli, Johan Hall, Jens Nilsson, and Joakim Nivre. MaltParser at the EVALITA 2009 Dependency Parsing Task. In Proceedings of the EVALITA 2009 Workshop on Evaluation of NLP Tools for Italian, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2009.