TextPro extensions

We have been developing two main extensions of the TextPro annotation suite:

    • TextPro-AL is a framework where human annotators can cooperatively work to produce high quality training data for new domains and new languages through Active Learning methodologies. TextPro-AL is a web-based application including a graphical interface for task definition and text annotations, an incremental re-training procedure based on active-learning selection from a large pool of non-annotated data, and a graphical visualization of the learning status of the system.
    • The KnowledgeStore allows users to store and to efficiently retrieve TextPro linguistic annotations on large textual archives. Annotations are represented using a Semantic Web format (i.e. RDF triples) in a "triple store", and are linked to background knowledge (e.g. Wikipedia). The KnowledgeStore has been successfully used in several large-scale Ontology Population projects.